Mirae Asset Financial Group established the Park, Hyeon Joo Foundation with a grant of USD 7.5 million in 2000.
The Park Hyeon Joo foundation fosters young talent through a scholarship program and supports social welfare and educational programs.

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Since 2006, the Mirae Asset Financial Group launched a scholarship program to support talented young Korean students. It aims to encourage them to become global investment professionals.
In addition to studying at the worlds leading universities, the thirty or so annual recipients will be offered internships in various Mirae Asset business units.

Social welfare support programs

The ultimate goal of the social welfare support program is to make healthier communities and a better world. We provide assistance to underprivileged families, and in particular to children who work to support their families. We are also committed to improving the conditions in social welfare centers, so they can better serve the less fortunate.


We strongly encourage members of the Mirae Asset Financial Group team to volunteer for community initiatives and become involved in activities that will lead to a harmonious and prosperous future.

Educational programs

We sponsor various education and scholarship programs, including economics classes for children, teachers for special (financial) activities, and scholarships for children of low-income families. Mirae Asset Financial Group also focuses a lot of effort on educating the general public about investment basics through an education research institute.

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