Dealing in securities

Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited (the “Company”) prides ourselves in delivering high quality services that offers accurate and reliable securities dealing service to individual, corporate and institutional investors. The main securities dealing business includes securities, derivatives and structured product brokerage service such as; China Stock Connect, subscription of initial public offering stocks, participant dealer of exchanged traded funds, and leveraged and inverse products, securities placing and underwriting services.


The Company assists clients to trade the following type of investment products:


Securities Products
Equity Securities
Depositary Receipts
Stapled Securities
Debt Securities
Unit Trusts / Mutual Funds
Exchange Traded Funds
Leveraged and Inverse Products
Real Estate Investment Trusts


Derivatives and Structured Products
Futures and Options
Derivative Warrants
Callable Bull/Bear Contracts
Listed Equity Linked Instruments

In addition, the Company provides electronic trading service to institutional investors to trade listed securities, derivatives and structured products on stock exchanges

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