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The proven abilities of identifying values and innovating original investment strategies are the core of driving force of success of Mirae Asset Financial Group. This is the fact without any changes since we launched the first retail investment fund in 1997.

Our outstanding management capability has made us to become one of the undisputed financial leaders in Korea, with asset under management exceeding USD 70 billion. Accordingly, we strive to expand the international business for continuous rapid growth.

Currently Mirae Asset Financial Group is consolidating its financial position in the world, especially in Brazil and other emerging markets.

Mirae Asset Financial Group uses its business network around the world, as well as its accumulated experience and field expertise in the stocks, bonds, foreign investments and alternative investments, to provide exemplary client services to its institutional or individual investment clients.

Mirae Asset Financial Group will continue to seize the main strategic points of Asia and Brazil to create better opportunities for clients.

Establishing a presence in strategic locations in Asia enables us to better identify opportunities for our clients.

As our global expansion plans unfold, we are eager to attract new clients from overseas networks, who possess our same philosophy of “building on principles”. Today we continue to apply these principles across all our asset management operations.

We firmly adhere to our philosophy of "Building on principles" throughout the investment process. By following the fundamental principles of investing in value, effectively managing risk and forming rational analysis, we are able to provide our extensive clients with solid and consistent returns.

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