Mirae Asset Global Investments

Mirae Asset Global Investments was founded in Asia and now operates worldwide across 14 markets, where we take a collaborative approach in managing a fully diversified investment platform.

Powered by a unique perspective and the expertise of our global investment professionals, we adapt to our clients’ evolving needs, providing them with innovative investments solutions and intelligent ways to achieve their investment objectives.

Mirae Asset Global Investments currently invest over $207bn on behalf of clients, giving us the scale and experience to identify opportunities in a changing world (AUM as of March 2023).

For over two decades, Mirae Asset Global Investments has been combining a culture of innovation, investment expertise and global reach to seek out opportunities in the midst of transformation. Mirae Asset Global Investments leverage our globally integrated platform and investment intelligence to provide clients with progressive solutions across all major asset classes and help them navigate a changing world.

Global Network
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