Group Structure

Synergy Creation

Each of the four business areas within Mirae Asset Financial Group has its own unique traits and specialties, yet works closely with each other to generate synergies for Mirae Asset Financial Group and our clients.

We value our people and embrace the future with an open mind.

Global Investments

We are a full service asset management company specializing in mutual funds and alternative investment products such as PEFs, hedge funds and REITs.

Wealth Management and Securities

We offer comprehensive wealth management and consulting services, and Securities brokerage and investment banking services, all based on our extensive knowledge and ongoing research into global investment opportunities. We are currently expanding our network globally, especially in the private banking sector.

Life Insurance

We provide our clients with peace of mind through a range of products, including variable life insurance, ordinary life insurance, retirement pension, and investment related insurance products.

Venture Investment

We provide initial funds to promising entrepreneurs, especially in high value added, knowledge-based industries.

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