Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Division (“IBD”) of Mirae Asset Securities (HK) Limited has a broader and clearer view . That focus on providing quality global investment opportunities with the strength of our global partnerships.

This allows us to provide a comprehensive range of bespoke investment solutions to institutional professional clients. For our global partners, IBD will serve as their gateway to Korea, enabling them to tap the abundance of Korea’s investment capital and to take advantage of the unique investment opportunities offered by one of the world’s high-tech economies.


IBD focuses on offering advisory services in capital structures with asset & liability management to private companies. IBD also provides financing activities to companies mainly located in Korea and China, but continually growing within emerging markets. IBD could act as the financial advisor or arranger, mostly advising the companies on financing structure and commercial terms of the investment. On occasions, IBD could also act as placement agent to liaise with companies and potential investors.

Capital Markets

IBD assists in syndication of Korean Initial Public Offerings and other financial issuances, i.e. rights issues, block sales, convertible bonds, bond with warrants or exchangeable bond, to overseas institutional professional investors, mostly in Hong Kong and Singapore. IBD could also get involved in making pitch books and management presentations involving extensive valuation, industry research, capital markets analysis and strategic opportunities to clients from various industries.

Capital Markets

IBD focuses on assisting institutional clients in communicating with foreign clients as a coordinator and executing transactions related to debt financing. This could take the form of Eurobonds or other types of bonds depending on the needs of the client as well as the credit environment, at the time, of issuance and placement. IBD could also advise clients on structuring debt instruments to enhance the possibility of successful placements.


IBD sources potential global investment opportunities using global networks and provide customized investment solutions to institutional professional clients in Korea. IBD also directly invests in potential transactions after screening and analyzing the transactions by each asset class. These transactions include real estate, aircraft financing, acquisition/leveraged financing and secondary loans.

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