Mirae Asset Life Insurance

With over 1,600 full-time professionals and 9,000 financial consultants, Mirae Asset Life Insurance is a full-service life insurance company offering clients a broad range of life insurance, investment-linked insurance and retirement products.

We are ranked first in Koreas defined contribution pension funds. In March 2008, we recorded a solvency margin ratio of 203%. In addition to variable life Insurance policies and retirement pension plans, we offer financial consulting and comprehensive retirement planning services.

Life insurance

Provides a variety of financial products, including variable annuity insurance, variable universal insurance, whole life insurance, and term life insurance.

Retirement annuity

Offers a wide product range that includes bond funds, guaranteed income funds, variable funds, equity asset distribution funds, balanced equity funds, India-based funds and more, all backed up by over 20 years experience in retirement insurance services and Mirae Asset Group's investment know-how.

Financial consulting

Provides insurance, investment funds and various other financial products throughout our South Korean distribution network.


Distributes our insurance and investment-linked products through 18 other banks and securities companies, as well as through telemarketing and online marketing.

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