Mirae Asset Securities

Established in 1999, we immediately cemented our credentials as an innovator in Korea's securities sector by introducing comprehensive client-focused wealth management services. Mirae Asset Securities was listed on the Korea Stock Exchange in February 2006 and recorded the fastest growth in Korean history. As the leading distributor of equity funds and with a team of over 2,300 we have reported the highest EPS and ROE growth in Korea.

Wealth Management

Developing wealth management portfolios that are tailored to individual client needs offering beneficiary, wrap accounts and bancassurance

Brokerage Services

Trading equities, futures, options, fixed-income and derivatives on behalf of our clients

Investment Banking

Consulting on acquisitions, proprietary trading, bond underwriting, in addition to KOSDAQ and KRX listings, offering other corporate financial services, including M&A advisory

Mirae Asset Securities(HK)

Mirae Asset Securities(HK) was established in January 2006 with the vision of becoming the leading Asia Pacific financial services company. Mirae Asset's professionals and experienced Hong Kong-based analysts, traders and financial advisors cover the Asia market. Our customer-focused approach translates into a broad range of investment services including brokerage, for institutional clients.

Mirae Asset Securities(Vietnam)

Mirae Asset Securities(Vietnam) was established in December 2007 by a group of prestigious financial experts and experienced business leaders of various fields. It is licensed by the State Securities Committee for all financial services.

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